The Chinese version of Planet Labs

  • ZG3U

    • Platform weight:4~5kg; Data processing:SoC 100MPIS/80FLOPS; Attitude measurement:Solar Sensor +IMU+GPS; Attitude Execution:12 momentum flywheels + Three-axis magnetometer; Control law:Biased momentum mode,Control accuracy is better than 1 degree, Provide 40 degrees/60 seconds pendulum measurement capability; Communication capability:Data transmission S-band 1-5 Mbps,Measurement and Control U/V 9600 BPS Power supply capacity:Power Supply > 13W, Battery panels unfolding; Flight experience:FMN-1、SN-1。
  • ZG6U

    • Platform weight:10~15kg; Data processing:SoC+ Vxworks Core Data Processing; Attitude measurement:0.001°(2 Star Sensors +IMU+GPS); Attitude Execution:0.05°(4 momentum flywheels + 3-axis magnetometer); Control law:Zero momentum mode, control accuracy < 0.01 degree, Side swing capacity 20 degree/60s; Communication capability:Data transmission X>5~10Mbps, measurement and control U/V 9600/1200bps; Power supply capacity:Power supply > 45W, battery panels deployed; Power capability:Total thrust 10Nm, with the ability of orbit change and orbit maintenance。 Supporting launch of multiple satellites on board or on a rocket Applied Project Magpie Constellation
  • ZG30

    • Mass of the whole satellite:≤30KG Load power≤55W Pointing accuracy:≤0.05°(3σ) Stabilization accuracy:≤0.03°/s(3σ) Design Life: 3-5years Adaptive Load Visible/Hyperspectral Remote Sensing/Communication Applied Projects :Alixing/SSD-1
  • ZG100

    • Mass of the whole satellite:≤100KG Load power:≤210W Pointing accuracy:≤0.05°(3σ) Stabilization accuracy:≤0.01°/s(3σ) Design Life :3-5 years Adaptive Load SAR/Communication Applied Projects :Internet of Things Satellite