Small Sat, Great Dream

SSO+LEO Mixed Orbit Plan 132 Sat (Phrase I) Global Coverage 30-45min re-visit the hot area

Magpie Constellation

A Space Based Surveillance System with High-time Resolution First in China,Second in the World Redundancy Focusing on China and East Asia 5-Sats Cluster, Formation Flight Global Coverage Fast Production

  • 1、5-Sats Cluster, stitching, tridimensional imaging, Max 80KM Frame, 5 days for global coverage(each cluster). 2、SSO Orbit,4 Orbits, Each orbit have 5 clusters, totally 100 Sats. 12 hours global coverage, 3 hours re-visit (for China and East asia) 3、SSO+LEO Mix Orbit, add 4 LEO orbit with 8 Sats per Orbit, totally 132 Sats. 12 hours for global coverage, 30-45min re-visit (for China and East asia)
  • Constellation

    Orbit LEO:526km Angle 46˚,Multiple Side SSO:513km,Formation Flight Sat size 6U,Around 8KG Sat Number. Initial 132(32+100),finally 378 Coverage Scan Global Everyday ;10 min re-visit

  • Workload

    Image Pattern pushbroom、stitching、tridimensional imaging Camera CMOS,R/G/B Resolution 4m @ 500km Frame 16km x 12km @ 500km

  • Platform

    Attitude mode Wheel Control ,Cruise with Sun 、three-axis stability for earth pointing Attitude Accuracy 0.1°,Stability0.05°/s Attitude Adjust ±30°@ 80s Orbit Adjust. With PPT (Pulsed Plasma Thruster)