Magpie constellation

At the first China Aerospace Congress (2018/04/23), ZeroG Lab released ”Mapgpie Constellation” Planning, which targeting the U.S. Planetary Laboratory(Planet Lab)Pigeon constellations(Dove), Our constellation is the world’s second, but China’s first autonomous controllable high time-resolved remote sensing data satellite.

Single Magpie satellite

lMore than 20,000 Images/Days; 

lCan be covered 2,7010,000 square kilometers (1.3 area of the South China Sea); 

lCurrent market price:¥5 to¥7 per KM2(Data value ¥15 million/Day);

132 Satellite Constellation

l12Hrs around the world; 

lRe-visit Key areas less than 30 Minutes; 

lDynamic target detection technology, space intelligence AI </s